A Sweet Retreat for You

Monday, December 17, 2007

A Sweet Retreat for You
Nothing better for you in your breakfast bowl than the yummy crunch of granola and some yogurt.

Try Sweet Retreat Granola.

The company, started by a Norwalk, Connecticut couple just over a year ago.  

However, the granola baking started long before the company was formed. Husband and wife team Allison and Billy Carriere first began baking their scrumptious granola in late 2002 for family and friends. Sweet Retreat began as a baking hobby and soon blossomed into an entrepreneurial adventure based in a commercial kitchen in Bridgeport, Connecticut.  

There are currently two tasty, all-natural varieties available: "Simplicity", the company's signature blend, is made with heart-healthy nuts, organic rolled oats, and a hint of toasted coconut. "Harmony" blends succulent dried cranberries and plump raisins with many of "Simplicity"'s ingredients.

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