Game On!

Monday, January 31, 2011

Game On!
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Suzy is gearing up for Super Bowl XLV and has been looking for new, creative ways to entertain without getting too tied up in the kitchen.  After finding PJ's Organics Snacks and Burritos in the freezer case, Suzy is going to heat up some organic chicken taquitos and burritos for her Super Bowl party! Suzy will make certain she has enough PJ's Skinny Burritos - with only 2g of fat, 15g of protein & 4g of fiber- as well as the Traditional Chicken, Steak & Cheese burritos and Chicken Taquitos.

Here's the plan:
Pick up some margarita mix, Corona's and limes
Follow PJ's quick and easy heating instructions
Plate up the burritos & taquitos and add some dipping sides (salsa and guacamole)

Ready for the big game in a healthy way!

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Suzy Tip:
PJ's Organics is the only burrito and taquito brand that is made with 100% organic ingredients, is GMO-free and uses only 100% organic white meat. The tortillas are homemade and hand-rolled!  And the taquitos are even gluten-free!

Visit Facebook to share some of your serving suggestions and entertaining ideas with other "friends".  Some of the best suggestions will win some free burritos and taquitos!
suzysaid 5349
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