Go Bananas

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Go Bananas
This word of wisdom from Suzy is coming a little too late to help you with that bad headache on New Year's Day.  

Nonetheless, keep the "Banana Hangover Cure" in mind next time you decide to get silly.

There is an email circulating on the web that by eating bananas you can lessen even the worst hangover. Scientific evidence suggests hydration, vitamins B6 and C may make hangovers more bearable. Bananas have a unique combination of nutrients that work to combat dehydration, hypoglycemia and toxic overload (i.e. too much of a good thing last night).

Here's what the Dole Banana Nutrition website has to say:

Rehydrate: Bananas are 75% water and therefore help rehydrate and detoxify. Try eating a banana before bed as extra water greatly reduces hangover symptoms by helping flush toxins from the system. Bananas are also filling, so you won't wake up ravenous for a big fatty meal that will just make matters worse.

Neutralize Free Radicals: Bananas' high vitamin C content counters the oxidative stress caused by elevated blood alcohol levels. One University of Pennsylvania study showed that vitamin C intake helped neutralize the free-radical damage associated with alcoholic liver disease.

Re-balance: Alcohol consumption wreaks havoc with your metabolism, increasing blood acidity and raising ketone levels (which may contribute to hangover breath). Fortunately, the natural fruit sugars in bananas correct this imbalance by interrupting the process.

Recover: Bananas protect against DNA damage to liver cells brought on by the stress of alcohol metabolism. Bananas are an excellent source of vitamin B6 which helps repair the kind of DNA strand breaks that contribute to the onset of fatty liver disease in alcoholics.

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