Suzy's Gone Nuts!

Monday, November 09, 2009

Suzy's Gone Nuts!

Suzy loves nuts, especially cashews, and can't wait to share her gourmet nut experience!  She's been hearing about Yumnuts and seeing them on shelves at specialty grocery stores more and more lately.  After sampling all the flavors and tasting the difference, it's easy to justify the price tag of $5 for a 5 ounce bag.  

Yumnuts even appealed to a picky six-year old who also tried the various flavors from "Honey" and "Chocolate" to the "Sea Salt". She thinks that even those anti-coconut people will convert once they try the Yumnut "Toasted Coconut".    Suzy recommends the "Spicy Cajun" and the "Chili Lime" for people with a real ability to stand up to the heat!!!  

Available Flavors:
Toasted Coconut
Sea Salt
Chili Lime
Spicy Cajun

Suzy Tip: Keep bags of Yumnuts in the house to bring as holiday hostess gifts and to have on hand to entertain friends at home.  They taste delicious and would look rather elegant with the mixers at the bar.

You can find Yumnuts at Whole Foods, Stop n' Shop,, Caraluzzi's, Ancona's Market,Walter Stewarts, Spic and Span, Dagastinos and Food Emporium
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